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 Duel and others

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PostSubject: Duel and others   Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:48 pm

In other servers I play there normally is a "::Duel" which takes us to the Duel Arena and we stake Very Happy I make trills there and i make staking videos Very Happy & pking which i hopeflly will be for this server Evil or Very Mad . monkey lol! afro flower queen geek jocolor santa cherry cheers rabbit pig Suspect please ignore my little spamm ^ Very Happy and ....

A "::Mb" where you just teleport to Mage bank where there is a bank and a lever when you click that lever you go outside and if you attack somebody you can get "Skulled"

A place called "::Chill" where you can go and "CHILL" and sell items. and have fun Very Happy I'll think of more updates and mods dont just say w000w this guy is a newfag im not gonna follow what he sayss. these thigns can really help this server and if you wanna dazzle this server add "NEX" Very Happy trust me that gets you players.
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Duel and others
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