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 Vertan Cape,Max Cape,Completitionist Cape

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PostSubject: Vertan Cape,Max Cape,Completitionist Cape   Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:02 am

I Have A Idea.It's About The Cape Wich Cape In Runescape Earlier. They
Are Called : Vertan Cape,Max Cape,Completitionist Cape,Milestones Cape,Classic Cape

These Are Good Looking. Nice Emotes And Stuff...

Cape Prizes Should Be About:

Classic Cape - 500-600M
Milestones Cape - 500-600M
Max Cape - 700M
Vertan Cape - 1B
Completist Cape - 1.2B

You Shall Read More About These Capes, So Here Are The Links Of RS Wiki

Vertan Cape

Classic Cape

Milestones Cape

Max Cape

Completitionist Cape

Comment Below About My Idea. And Beast... You Could Make Them
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Vertan Cape,Max Cape,Completitionist Cape
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